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Today’s lifestyles are very demanding. As everyone rushes in and out of the house trying to juggle work responsibilities, household errands and family obligations, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to find time for bodybuilding in an already jam-packed schedule.

Those who don’t carve out the time to take care of their own bodies may soon gain fat and lose muscle mass. Ashamed when they can no longer push themselves like their trainer wants or keep pace with their gym buddies, it can be easy to become frustrated and give up altogether.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. People are changing their lives for the better every day by simply learning the truth behind these common fitness myths vs facts:

Fitness Myths vs Facts

#1 Longer workouts equal better results

Building muscle is a process, not a quick fix. Those who focus their efforts on bodybuilding and weight training for hours every day won’t bulk up quickly.

And the truth is most people just simply can’t sustain that kind of training due to their other life responsibilities.

In addition, overtraining can be unhealthy and downright harmful. Subjecting the body to such rigorous workouts for hours upon hours can lead to prolonged fatigue, reduced performance despite increased training and serious injuries. The key is to take your time, incorporating healthy nutrition habits in conjunction with shorter, targeted workout sessions. Not only is this process more manageable, it produces more effective results.

#2 Muscle soreness means you are doing it right

Most people are familiar with the phrase “No pain, no gain,” but is it the best approach to bodybuilding?

The overwhelming consensus is no. The effectiveness of bodybuilding workouts should be determined by your overall results: Losing fat, building muscle, progress in weight training and other factors, but not by punishing your muscles.

Keep in mind, however, that when you’re just getting started or in the beginning stages of targeting a new muscle group, some soreness is to be expected as your body adapts to change.

#3 There isn’t time for sleep

Truth is, everyone has the same amount of time each day. It’s how we utilize that time that truly impacts our overall health.

Good nutrition, sustainable workouts and deep, rejuvenating sleep is a successful, common sense combination. Our muscles and our minds need rest to reset and rebuild. Sleep deprivation can only lead to lost opportunities and slower progress.

#4 Bodybuilding gives women a manly shape

This common myth prevents some women from starting a bodybuilding regimen. However, when you look at the facts, this myth just doesn’t hold up.

Women have larger levels of the hormone estrogen and less testosterone than men. It is testosterone that impacts muscle growth and contributes to bulky physiques. With less testosterone, females simply build firmer, more toned muscles.

Just the facts, please

Bodybuilding and weight training are an effective way to boost your health as long as you recognize the difference between fact and fiction with your workouts. When in doubt, ask a professional personal trainer.

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