The loss of libido is a real embarrassment on the sex life. If you want to try natural solutions, sport is the best alternative. By increasing your body temperature, physical activity helps stimulate hormones and therefore your sexual desire.

Sport and hormones

Sport, at reasonable length and frequency, is good for health in general and for hormones in particular. From 30 to 40 minutes of effort, sport stimulates the production of hormones and mainly endorphin, the pleasure hormone. Endorphin, on the other hand, helps reduce stress and fatigue, which are the main sources of reduced sexual desire.

Sport and Self-confidence

Lack of self-confidence, motivation, or confidence can lead to low libido. Sport helps to overcome this problem by providing a feeling of well-being. In addition, regular sports practice allows you to better understand your body and be in tune with it. After a workout, you feel proud and happy to have accomplished a feat. These feelings of well-being increase the development of the body and especially the sexual desire.

What sports practice improves libido?

Exercises like strength training, Kegels, yoga, walking, swimming, and even swimming can improve libido and sexual performance in both men and women. Now that you’ve made up your mind to exercising to boost your libido, here are some practices that always work.

The best exercises to improve libido and sexual performance

Let’s explore the best exercises to improve libido & sex drive.


A weight training session will increase the production of growth hormones and testosterone. These hormones improve sexual functions and abilities in both men and women.


Cardio improves the health of the heart. He makes people happy. 30 minutes of jogging, cycling or skipping rope are enough to release endorphins, these famous pleasure hormones. In addition, cardio will relieve you of stress.


Certain positions in Yoga boost libido. Not only do they strengthen the perineum, but they also work on the intimate muscles. Done in pairs, these positions will only strengthen the bond within the couple and thus revive the libido.


Running causes a feeling of euphoria. It is the best feeling that comes with having sex drive. This activity uses many hormones, endorphins and testosterones. This combination can only cause a considerable increase in sexual desire. Done in pairs, the running will be more than intense.


A Harvard study suggests that swimming for 30 minutes three times a week might boost sex drive in the same way as running. Additionally, swimming may lead to weight loss, which enhances sexual endurance.

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