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Fit4Blast’s Guide to Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning

Want to move with power, agility, and tireless energy? While bodybuilding focuses on isolated muscles, body conditioning transforms your entire physique into a powerhouse of functional fitness. What is Body Conditioning Training? Think of body conditioning as a full-body fitness revolution. It strategically combines elements of strength training, cardio, and flexibility work to sculpt a […]

Maximizing Your Fitness Journey: Expert Personal Trainer in NJ

Personal Trainer - Fit4Blast

You may aim to shed a few pounds, crank up your endurance, or transform your physique. But, one simple truth applies to every fitness equation. Good guidance makes reaching your goals much easier. In the vast field of health and wellness, a personal trainer in NJ is key. It can be the difference between admirable […]

The Cross-Training Effect: How It Can Help You

The Cross Training Effect

Are you struggling with an injury? Finding it hard to train when you are unable to exercise on one side of your body? No matter whether it is a few weeks or several months, injury can be a major setback, and it is essential that you take care to avoid further damage. However, taking long […]

How Mobility Can Impact Your Strength

How Mobility Can Impact Your Strength

Here at Fit 4 Blast, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients with every aspect of their physical fitness. As an independent concierge fitness coach in New Jersey, we know that reaching your fitness goals requires more than just a personalized training program, with nutrition and mindset also playing an important role. One of the […]

Should I Feel The Burn At The Gym?

Feel the burn

As one of the leading providers of concierge fitness in New Jersey, our team regularly helps our clients with their questions and queries regarding their fitness. One of the most common is whether they should feel the burn when they go to the gym. No matter whether you are pushing yourself on the running machine […]

What Are The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise?

Health Exercise

Are you looking to improve your appearance? We all know that keeping fit is essential to ensuring that we are able to look our best. But did you know there are a host of mental health benefits of exercise? That’s right, working out is not only good for the body, but it’s also fantastic for […]

The Truth About Motivation


With the new year getting underway, many of us will be looking to shake off the festive indulgence and get fit. However, if you are not a regular fitness fanatic, finding that motivation to get active and stay healthy can be tough. If that sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Research has shown […]

Exercise to boost libido


The loss of libido is a real embarrassment on the sex life. If you want to try natural solutions, sport is the best alternative. By increasing your body temperature, physical activity helps stimulate hormones and therefore your sexual desire. Sport and hormones Sport, at reasonable length and frequency, is good for health in general and […]

Myths and Interesting Facts About Food Supplements

Food Supplements

Brewer’s yeast, spirulina, passionflower, food supplements are victims of myths or realities. These foods are used to help maintain health. But what are powders, capsules, ampoules and capsules of all kinds really worth? Let’s explore some myths and interesting facts about food supplements. Myths and interesting facts about food supplements Food supplements are for everyone […]

How much exercise is enough to hit my personal fitness goals?

Personal Fitness Goals

While at one time going to the gym, lifting weights and working out on a regular basis was enough to build lean muscle and lose stubborn belly fat, today many people put in the hard work only to discover that they aren’t achieving the results they hoped for. Many people ask “How much exercise is […]