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How much exercise is enough to hit my personal fitness goals?

Personal Fitness Goals

While at one time going to the gym, lifting weights and working out on a regular basis was enough to build lean muscle and lose stubborn belly fat, today many people put in the hard work only to discover that they aren’t achieving the results they hoped for. Many people ask “How much exercise is […]

The most common protein shake mistakes

protein shake

If you’ve invested in a large container of protein powder, but still find it frustrating when results don’t happen as quickly as you expect them to, consider this: You could be making some common mistakes with your protein shake. Protein feeds your muscles. Whey-based protein shakes can help you bulk up after a workout and […]

Testosterone Tales

Testosterone Tales

Stress, environmental factors, poor eating habits, lack of time for exercise and even genetics can interfere with the efforts of men to maintain muscle mass and healthy body tone. However, there may be one factor that men don’t take into account when training and trying to build muscle: Testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone mostly associated […]

Exercise Fact or Fiction?


Today’s lifestyles are very demanding. As everyone rushes in and out of the house trying to juggle work responsibilities, household errands and family obligations, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to find time for bodybuilding in an already jam-packed schedule. Those who don’t carve out the time to take care of their […]

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